We met our Dogster pals!

What a day it was.

We went to Genesee park to meet-up with some of our Dogster pals!

TnT had fun, though after the ride they were both very tired, so they didn't do any zoomies!

From left to right; Roper, Sienna, Fling and Tiggles

We were wanting to go to the Bite of Seattle afterwards to get some grub---but, lots of food and two Beagles? Hmmmm...

You do the math.

Anyways, so after saying goodbye to our friends, we drove down to the water for a good view.

Poor TnT, they wanted to chase the geese...

Only, I didn't let them :'(

On the way home, I decided to take them to a few dog stores and picked up some of their favorite RAW: Turkey Necks, Duck, Chicken, and Lamb RMB's!

I also got some more Fresh Frozen Organic Turkey Dinner for their rotation because they LOVE it!

And finally, we got back in the car for a nice, long, ride home.
«Tiggs enjoyed *safely* looking out the window in her Doggles®- here's a quick vid: