DIY at Home--Doggie Bath!

Lately, instead of taking Tracksie and Tiggs to a groomer to be bathed, I've been saving a few bucks and bathing them home! Here is a little something I wrote up about how to bathe your dog:

First, collect all of the supplies needed because you will need to have everything in reach. You should get combs, brushes, a plastic cup or pitcher, towels, a washcloth, dog treats, and dog shampoo. Be sure to choose the proper dog shampoo to bathe your dog with. I prefer all-natural, organic, shampoo. To keep water out of your dog’s ears you may also want to get cotton balls. Also, find a rubber mat or towel to place in the bath tub to keep your dog from sliding.
Before you bathe your dog, comb its fur thoroughly. Make sure your dog does not have any tangles or knots; these will be very hard to remove when your dog is wet. Next, have your dog hop into the tub and carefully place the cotton balls in each ear. Water in your dogs' can cause ear infections.

Then, turn the water on run it too make sure it is not too hot or too cold. Remember to talk softly in an encouraging voice to your dog while bathing. Use the cup or pitcher to wet your dog and use a washcloth to clean its face. Apply the shampoo and lather it into their coat. Be careful not to get it into their eyes! Once the shampoo is properly lathered, thoroughly rinse their coat. Remove the cotton balls from the ears and be prepared for a big doggie shake!
Now, choose to either blow-dry their fur, or just let it air dry. Give your dog a tasty treat she loves, and a lot of praise because now you are finally done! Dogs tend to get very excited after baths, and will most likely be running and rolling all around the house. Now enjoy your clean, sweet smelling dog without having to make a trip to the groomers!