Happy Ending #2

Southern Belle
-------Kate Crnich convinced her husband that they were ready for a new addition to the family—a dog to complete the home they shared with their cat, Dexter. “We visited a local shelter, and there were so many dogs that I was nearly in tears,” says Kate. “How do you choose just one?”
-------But sometimes, it’s the dog who does the choosing. “Walking past one cage, I saw this little thing bouncing up and down,” says Kate. “When we got right in front of the door, she just stopped, sat down, cocked her head and looked up at us, big pointy ears sticking straight up.” And after learning about the history of this Boston terrier/American Staffordshire terrier mix, the little dog’s friendly nature was especially remarkable.
Explains Kate, “When she was dropped off, her legs had a multitude of cigarette burns on them, and it was suspected that she’d been kept on a chain for the first years of her life.” Shelter staffers surmise that she was being used for bait in a dog fighting ring. Needless to say, Kate and her husband were on their way home with their little livewire half an hour later.
-------It’s been nearly a year, and Raleigh—named after the Crnichs’ native North Carolina—couldn’t be any more loving. “She is truly our baby,” says Kate. “She makes us feel so loved every day, and it is so very clear in the way that she looks at us that she is grateful for her happy home. ”