Consider a Canine Massage

Few things in life feel as good as a massage, so your pooch would probably love one. And just as people can benefit from a massage's mind-body effects -- like stress reduction, better blood circulation, and improved muscle tone -- so may your furry friend.

If you think your dog would enjoy a massage, run the idea by your vet. It may not be appropriate for pets with health problems such as arthritis, fractures, cancer, or certain skin conditions.

Look for a certified massage therapist who has been trained in animal massage, or ask your vet if he or she has training in animal massage.

Another option is to learn how to do it yourself. Massage therapy schools in your area may offer animal massage classes. Not only will you gain a new skill, but also you'll get more bonding time with your buddy. A massage also provides an opportunity to check your pet for unusual growths and lumps.

Top 5 Travel Tips

1. Never leave your pet in a parked car. Pets can overheat much faster than people and even a few minutes in a hot vehicle can be fatal.

2. Always keep a collar with current tags, on your pet. If you’re away from home, make sure the tag includes your cell phone, or a contact number for the place you’ll be staying.

3. Take frequent potty breaks. Having to ‘hold it’ too long can cause health problems like urinary tract infections. Everyone will be more comfortable with frequent rest stops to empty bladders and stretch the legs.

4. Try to keep some creature comforts, the same. Even if you pup loves to travel, some journeys can be stressful especially if there are lots of different places to stay along the way. Keep beds, blankets, bowls and toys the same as they are at home, for a more relaxed journey. Keeping food consistent will help reduce the risk of tummy upsets, too.

5. Take along a first aid kit for you and your animal companion, just in case. Along with the usual essentials like bandages, wound cleanser, tweezers and a soft muzzle, take along some Rescue Remedy, along with the homeopathic remedies Apis (bites and stings) Arnica (bumps and bruises) Arsenicum (vomiting and diarrhea) all in the 30c potency pellets and Calendula cream for minor cuts and scrapes.