About Tracksie

Tracksie was found by animal control on the side of a highway. She was then admitted to a high-kill shelter, where she spent her days searching for a forever home. One day while visiting the shelter, I spotted her...a Beagle, the breed I adored and admired. The second she saw me, she ran up to me. I prod my finger through the cage opening...she licked it. In the short time I got to know her behind those bars, she was the most sweetest, lovable dog I had ever met. After paying an adoption donation of only $20, I brought her home and there began our everlasting friendship.

She's a tiny little purebred beagle, just 12 inches at the withers. She is incredibly smart, knowing over 50 tricks, one of her nicknames is "Skidbootie" She participated in agility & tracking and is currently in freestyle and Rally Obedience. She has earned her CGC certification, and is a TDIT.

I can't imagine life without Tracksie. The relationship I have formed with her has taught me an earthy wisdom about living in the world. -I couldn't ask for a better dog. She is very intelligent, affectionate, and sweet, with an outstanding personality.

Best $20 I've ever spent, and probably will ever spend in my entire life.