About Tiggles

I was just visiting Petfinder.com when I somehow stumbled onto a page of this precious little face. Turned out, she had been at the shelter quite a while...was adopted and returned, and then adopted again and returned. I went to the shelter on that cold Sunday morning to find her in that small cage, smudged in the corner, very frightened and shaking. She just gazed up at me, needing me so. And as I looked into her eyes I saw her story. It was pretty obvious she had been abused by men--she was/is petrified of them! I knew that it would be difficult taking in such a timid little girl, but I adopted her in an instant. From her sadness, our happiness grew. Now, she definitely has gotten a second chance at a better life. She is making up for all that love that she never had. From her sadness, our happiness grew. And I now realize, that I needed her too. I will never regret adopting her; yes it was very hard at sometimes, and we went through a lot of extensive training and socialization, but it was worth it--She is just that funny type of dog that always puts a smile on your face!

When I first got her, she was completely unsocialized, unleash trained, very skittish and terrified of everything. Now she is happy, healthy, and lively Beagle girl! She is high-maintenance, but I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world.

She's out to show what this shelter dog can do! She has completely turned her life around and is going into bigger and better things--competitive in Agility and Freestyle, working on Rally-O.